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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  September 10, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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paul wagner size is live with our top story tonight. >> reporter: in the hours before the accident here on 18th and florida northwest, law enforcement sources tell fox 5 that shamika adams was drinking at a bar called district, on 18th street near columbia road. they advertise a happy hour between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on wednesdays and that is an hour and a half before the accident happened. at 8:30 here on wednesday night. today, d.c. police paid a visit to the district. the district bills itself as a spacious night spot with two large bars and plenty of seat. a large bar with boost playing hip-hop on the too is. early this afternoon, an investigator with the major crash unit paid a visit to the club in hopes of learning more about the establishment's wednesday happy hour and how much adams may have been
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served. the club advertises free rail drinks between 6 and 7 on wednesdays, $5 per more expensive liquor. when adams was arrested, police say she had a blood alcohol content of .18 or more than twice the legal limit and jim graham represents adams morgan on the city council. >> it was a whole question of overserving in the district of columbia and that is something we need greater vigilance with. there is no question about it this might be an extreme example of it, free booze for an hour and a half, drink as much as you want. >> reporter: we knock on the door when police left but no one answered. from the orange paint investigators used to map the accident, you can see the path of the car and jumping the traffic island where the two international students were standing. then crossing the street where it slammed into the restaurant. the city alcohol inspectors are assisting police in the
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investigation. >> we have cracked down on the players and revoked alcohol licenses and we'll continue to do that. >> reporter: jim graham was told that patron his to pay a cover charge to get into the free-drink happy hour. adams has no prior arrests and is now under court supervision with an 8:00 surfew -- curfew. the two international students are graduate students at john's hopkins university and the university satellite here on massachusetts avenue. their parents are here and have arrived from overseas. one is in critical condition and the other is in grave condition. >> does the police chief have the power to shut down that bar? we were asked that question several times and the answer is no. this doesn't reach that criteria. as you know, she has been able to shut down other establishments and i think
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there is a 24-hour or perhaps longer window that she has that she can close down a business for a certain amount of time. i thank has to do with violence and at this establishment, that does not meet that criteria. >> thank you for the update, paul. a heavy police response to a person barricaded inside a shop. the officers used a nearby gas station as a staging ground to respond to the standoff on 42nd place this morning. the whole thing ended at noon. police are not revealing why the man was inside the shop or whether he was armed. we can tell you that no one was hurt. fox 5 is following a developing story on the west coast. a gas line explosion in california and right now, search crews with dogs are going house-to-house and at least six people are dead and more than 50 homes burned. the right error -- rupture has been inside san bruno, miles from the san francisco airport. anita vogel is live with the latest. >> reporter: an explosion lit
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the night sky, shooting fireballs as high as 1,000 feet into the air. emergency cruise say a natural gas line ruptured creating a loud boom heard for miles, sending people running for safety and scores of home have been destroyed. >> this is very difficult. the sun is shining over there and there is still a dark cloud over the city. >> these patients will be here for a few weeks and the initial phase was last night and the next one will start this weekend in terms of removing the issue with the freedmont and then the next will be the skin grafting. >> the fire was so extensive, it covered 15 acres and that blast knocked out water pipelines making the job harder for firefighters. residents say that were the -- terrified after the large explosion, they saw their town turn into an inferno. >> the smell of smoke and i
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could hear the sound of the gas and flame and that is where i live. >> reporter: the blast crated -- created a huge crater and power is temporarily cut to the area. >> that was anita vogel reporting. our coverage of california's deadly gas explosion is far from over tonight. a live report from san bruno is coming up at 5:30. keep it here in less than half an hour on what went wrong. angin afghanistan over a florida pastor's original plans to burn copies of the cor an. dozen -- q'uran. dozens chanted anti-u.s. slogans and some viewed to attack the u.s. bases and not to take part in the country's upcoming parliamentary elects next week. some demonstrators stoned the protestors -- posters of the candidates.
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it's unclear if they know the pastor cancelled the burning. protecting the united states from terrorism nine years after the september 11th attacks. the former leaders of the 9/11 commission say preventing attacks is getting more difficult and that is because terrorists are changing their strategies. in a new report, they question whether the country is prepared for the new threat. >> the biggest change we're worried about now is native one, in other words, people who are american citizens who went to school in america and recruited by al qaeda, sent to somalia or yemen to train and they come back here and are ready to attack us in ways we don't expect. >> overall, america is safer now than before 9/11 and that an attack with less casualties is less likely. fixing the financial mess with november elects blooming. president obama lady out his case for the handles of the
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economy. in washington, the president held his first news scale conference in several months and tom fitzgerald is back now with details. >> reporter: with employment hovering around 9.6%, the approval rating down to 45%, president obama try to accentuate positives today whole focussing on the plans for the economy and acknowledging the recovery is taking longer than he would like. he criticized republicans for blocking some of the latest proposals for jump starting the economy. the president will not call this new program the second stimulus and said that the spending is not part of a political ploy. he understands with the american people over the lingering recession. >> for all the progress we made, we're not there yet and that means people are frustrated and that people are angry. everything we're trying to do is designed to stimulate growth and additional jobs in the economy. and that is our entire agenda.
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>> if the republican leadership is prepared to get serious about doing something for families out there, i would love to talk to them. >> what republicans will say is the president's plans are amounting to nothing more than spending creating more debt. the gop said it wants to keep the bush era tax cuts from expiring; however, the president said that he's more in preis being the tax cuts for people making under $250,000 a year. laura? >> tom fitzgerald, i'll take it, thank you, tom. police are increasing patrols in college park after five recent robberies near the university of maryland campus. the police sent out a crime alert warning students to stay alert. the victims include three students mugged. the two most recent robberies were weren't machines of each other and may have been committed by the same people. police did arrest two people and are looking for suspects still in the other robberies. we have a correction to a story fox 5 reported last night
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at 5 and 10:00 p.m. we were reporting on 15-year- old justin pinole, who you see here. he died after being shot on central avenue tuesday night. during our report, we mistakenly showed a picture of another boy who is not the victim and was not involved with the story. we apologize to his family for the error. a brand-new directive for pilots coming straight from the top tonight. we'll tell you how -- we'll tell you how they're breaking it down is the&what is being done to keep pilots awake at the controls and you safer in the skies. and the clock is ticking. the push for your vote will take you inside the last faceoff between the candidates and d.c.'s race for mayor coming up next. lindsay. good evening, robert e. lee and that is our game-of-the- week matchup. we'll tell you why robert e. lee has been a thorn since last year. back to you. a beautiful day today, very fall leak, too, with temperatures in the 70s. will this last through the weekend? we'll have more details. the full forecast coming up.
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thanks, gary. keep it here. fox 5 news at 5 is getting started.
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thousands of d.c. residents cast their ballots for next week's primary elect. more than 15,000 people voted since august 30th, nearly 2,000 registered to vote or updated their voter registration. the voter sites will be open through tomorrow and you can find a list of them on and the two front runners in the race for mayor faced off today at two different events and that were the last two and john henrehan has more in the newsroom. >> reporter: incumbent mayor fenty and his best-known challenger vincent gray were grilled and got testy with each other at a forum in
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georgetown. >> reporter: smiled and embraced as they crossed paths at kto -- wto radio. they were interviewed separately. on an accusation put forth that someone promised to pay for jobs if he would cast a early vote for the mayor. this is what vince gray had to say. >> there is evidence despite the denials for the spokesman of the mayor's campaign, there is evidence this man went down and registered that day and voted that day. >> reporter: vincent gray is calling for an fbi investigation. mayor fenty dismissed the still- unproven story as a last-minute tactic. >> one driver unnamed may have set if it's if you come to vote with me, you may have a job. that person didn't have authority to offer. >> reporter: a significant issue is mayor fenty's allegedly, sometimes dismissive treatment of both the citizenry and the city council. >> finally, you turned over the baseball tickets.
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in retrospect, wasn't that petty and vindictive and small minded and unbecoming for a mayor to do? yes. >> and why did you do it? >> people make mistakes and -- between 10 days and 20 days after the season began. it shouldn't have happened and happened. this year, it didn't happen again. people make mistakes, i am a human being and corrected it and it won't happen again. >> reporter: fenty cited his success in the generally-rising test scores in the schools and his support for chant lor rhee. vincent gray on the radio and at the georgetown forum declined to guarantee chancellor reid on the job if he wins. >> and i believe strongly in mayoral control of the schools and will continue to do that as the next mayor of the district of columbia and i believe that education reform has to be about more than one person. >> reporter: vincent gray said if elected, he would fire the d.c. attorney general peter nichols. early voting started and
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primary election day in d.c. and maryland is tuesday, laura. >> what will the two be doing in advance of tuesday? getting out on the streets and hitting the vote? what is on the calendar? >> reporter: you hammer the streets, knock on doors and get your get-out-the-vote-effort. however, fenty who has participated in triathalons the last few years is going to participate in the triathalon and will campaign after getting out of the river. >> early sunday morning. thank you very much. a big payday for d.c. public school teachers. the school system issued new pay raises for the teachers, issuing an unprecedented $45 million in retro active pay increases. the school system announceed details of the pay-for- performance system and teachers will see annual bonuses of 3,000 to $25,000. 663 teachers received a highly- effective rating for the bonus last year. a major of d.c. voters say
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thatec is the number one concern chooseing a mayor. we want to know what you think about d.c. public schools do you believe they have improved? we invite to you go to and vote in our web poll and watch fox 5 news at 10 as we look closer at the state of our schools. tommy wells and the vice president of the washington d.c. teacher's union will be here. in colorado, families forced to evacuate their homes because of the wildfires are going back briefly to grab their most important items. despite the winds last night, the crews managed to contain 45% of the perimeter and there are fears the winds will pick back up and threaten the homes. an area where 161 houses have still offlimits. some residents have been warned to be ready to leave their homes if the fires get too close. and here at home, a gorgeous, another gorgeous day. >> it was absolutely beautiful out there. >> the temperatures, low
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humidity. >> no humidity? >> yeah. >> a lot of friday night high school games. >> yeah. >> and is this good weather going to stick around? >> no problem. there will be a breeze and temperatures dropping into the upper 60s. pretty much areawide and once the sun starts going down. that could be nippy if the high school games and then we have basically a beautiful day in store for tomorrow and changes coming towards the latter part of the weekend; however, changes we have been talking about the last few days. we have had a few clouds, you can barely see it on this satellite picture and we have had a few medmorning and afternoon clouds, keeping temperatures down for everyone in the mid-70s. looking back to the west, there is some rain out there and a couple of systems coming together bringing some rain in here for sunday. the question is, are we going to be able to eek out part of a
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nice day or redent sky -- descent day on sunday? we'll have more during the weekend. >> thank you, gary. as we mentioned, it's friday night and the game-of- the-week is back. our winner with 67% of the votes, the robert e. lee learns and lindsay murphy is live with more. >> reporter: at 7:30, we got hayfield and robert e. lee kicking off and one will have a blemis -- bleachish at 9:30 and the coach here is hoping that is not his team and he took over. you can talk about how difficult it was to handle that and manage to handle a good season straw? >> the most difficult part is to make sure they can get focus on the task at hand and they have e fections -- and it actually furned into a
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motivating factor for them throughout the jeer. >> your team won -- throughout the year. >> seems that re. lee has been a thorn in your side. what has been so difficult about that for you guys? >> well, they have a very explosive offense and both games were firely -- farley high-scoring and came to the end and fell short both times. hopefully we'll turn that around want to. >> reporter: are you expecting a similar matchup when you look at both teams in the rosters and players coming back? >> playing into -- coming into the game, both teams scored opening points and the potential is there. >> and a key to the victory tonight? >> well -- to do well on special teams. >> wonderful. i would like to thank roy hill for taking the time. he has to go to some meetings but they kicking off at 7:30 tonight. highlights are at 10:00. back to you, sean. >> thank you, lindsey murphy.
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sneezing, stiffy nose. allergies could be more than annoying. >> and we're going to look closer at what they might mete mean for your heart at 5:30. consumers eyeing new credit cards have plenty of offers to choose from as long as they have good credit. i am from the fox business network. coming up, what you need to know before take the plunge.
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the kincaids live here.
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across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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>> in a battle of the internet giants, new research shows that facebook is ahead of google, according to marketing research company, com score incorporated, americans spend more than 41 million minutes in on facebook in august. 41million spent on google and including youtube and other sites. if you get an unending stream of credit card offers in your mailbox offering low rates and special deals, they can be tempting. just sending in that
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application can affect your credit score. here's more if you're in the market to expand your credit line. >> reporter: new credit card offers might be out there but opening a new account is not the best move. here are five things consumers weighing new credit card offers should consider before switching. try to work things out with your current provider first. >> call up your issuer and see if you can negotiate better terms, a lower interest rate if that is what is bothering you or some other new local deals. >> reporter: think carefully. closing it lores the total amount available making it look like the consumer is closer to maxing out and credit bureaus look at the length of a consumer's credit history. >> closing an older account that you have had for a long time can deem your credit score. >> reporter: be specific what you want and applying for them can damage your score. >> think about why you want it and pick the offer for that.
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multiple banks pulling your report is going to hurt your score as well. >> reporter: put your best foot forward by checking your credit reports for errors. >> and see if there are mistakes and get a sense what your score would be and to see what you're eligible for. >> a lot of times you will see that 0% for 12 months offer. that might sound great but you want to look past the introductory offer. i'm connell mcshane. calls for change are coming straight from the top. >> we're talking about what it will take to keep pilots in the cockpit awake and alert. the changes to your next flight just ahead. could embracing more play time be the key to helping children with autism? keep it here.
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it's time for a mayor who will end the cronyism and bring our city together. vince gray. his economic development plan will help expand small businesses and create jobs. his record of reform and accomplishments earned him the praise of newspapers across the city, citing gray's leadership and efforts to pass education reform and expand early childhood education. vince gray -- he cares. he listens.
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because whatever you love doing, you'll need a healthy heart to do it. ♪
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>> won't to take a closer look at a developing story on the west coast. a gas line explosion in san bruno, california. the search for bodies is underway. anita vogel is live with the latest. set the scene for us and give us the situation there right now. >> reporter: a tragic situation here outside of san francisco. that gas line ruptureed and caused an explosion that it sent flames 1,000 feet into the air and right now, fire crews are on the ground almost 24 hours later and the ntsb, the national transportation safety board is on the ground and they're charged with conducting the investigation into the cause and haven't found anything yet. we're expecting to get an update later today and this
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explosion did leave four people dead and destroyed 38 homes. definitely a tragic situation in california. >> and we talked about the search for bodies. how many people are missing? >> reporter: right, we know that four people died and, as far as we know, no one is missing at this time. as the fire crews are putting out the hotspots, of course, they're looking for anyone that they might find. >> it seems to be a hilly area. i know that area somewhat. the blast from earlier knocked out hydrants and that is a condensed neighborhood. tell us about the challenges firefighters were facing last night? >> absolutely, the nearby hydrants were knocked out and so the firefighters had to bring in water from outside and that only made the job more difficult. and it spread quickly,
5:32 pm
remember, 38 homes were destroyed and many others were damaged. you can imagine that firefighter his an effort on their hand to put out the flames and having to bring water in. >> and i understand that fema is involved? what is their role and what are they doing to help? >> fema is involved and have improved a grant to help the state pay for the firefight and the whole effort here and that will be helpful. the lieutenant governor signed some legislation to allow a state grant. a massive undertaking by many different agencies in california. >> all right, anita vogel reporting from san bruno, california. thank you for the update. >> thank you. transportation secretary ray lahood announceed some airline pilots would fly fewer others and some more. the new rules are to prevent pilot problems and safety in the sky. the proposal needs different requirements and times of the day to fly and time zones and would be given pilots 9 hours
5:33 pm
of rest between work days, an hour increase over the current rules. and how about going car free? the transportation planning board is holding a raffle. all you have to do is soon up and pledge not to buy, that is car free day and last year, 6,000 commuters pledged to walk, bike or -- and go to and click on web links. a new study suggests that allergy symptoms can be a sign of future heart problems. aol health reports that the allergies don't cause heart disease and be -- can be an indicationor. they found a 40% higher risk associated with people who had symptoms like stuffy noisees and watery ice. >> 1 in 100 have autism. >> one family found that adding
5:34 pm
more fun is overcoming the -- fun is helping them overcome the autism. play therapy helped change the little boy's entire world. >> reporter: 8-year-old parker reid looks like any other kid but this is critical therapy that changed his life. at 2, he was diagnosed with autism. >> about 18 months and had words and they disappeared. >> reporter: as parker struggled to communicate at all, the parents strug told figure out how to help him. >> once we had the diagnosis, insurance stopped paying for everything. all of the insurance stopped. the physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, all of it ceased. that was shocking. >> going to be a girl or boy? >> a girl. >> reporter: that is when neigh learned about play therapy and easter seals. >> we go into the family's home and train the parent to be the primary teacher for their child and to do the work every day with their child. >> reporter: it's called the
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play project, the acronym stands for play language for youngsters and part of easter seals mission is to train parents how to do it. then they must spend three hours a day making connects with their kids. >> if i say i had to you, that would be a close of a connect. if i make eye contact, that is an open connection. you have to force the communications. >> it's a good thing, he's the bad guy. got it. >> reporter: they have spent endless hours with parker and never giving up. he's like a different kid. >> and hes ask for play daya -- dates, he wants to play with other kids and he'll be going into a regular third grade classroom. >> for more, go to and click onks. major the networks going
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together for a good cause. >> and your all access pass to stand up to cancer is coming up. and take a look, the football fans were celebrating more for the season. you have to see this one to believe it. we'll be back in 10 minutes.  ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks]
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our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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>> the check is open again days after fire damaged the museum. no art work was affected by the fire but the phelps collection is holding a microdonation drive. they're asking for donations of $5 or $10 via a text message g. to and look under web links for more details. and don't expect to see kanye west and taylor swift on stage together at this
5:40 pm
weekend's mtv video music awards. the executive producer said there is no duet or reunion planned and last year, west interrupted swift's speech to proclaim that beyonce should have won instead. many were hoping for an all-is- forgiven appearance from the duo and doesn't look like that is going to happen. he might be a tween singing sensation but justin bieb er almost got him arrested. >> that's right, how his performance could have ended in handcuffs. and feeling like fall outside. will the cooler weather pull through the weekend? gary's put the finishing touches on the forecast next. 
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test test
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>> gary, we're loving this weather. >> you like the cool stuff?
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>> yeah. >> i think you will like tomorrow, too. >> not as cool. >> if you can. >> and i turned mine on. >> you did? >> yeah. >> and -- >> i don't like to be hot at home, though. >> okay. >> and exactly. little idiosyncrasies about me. here's what is going out. there sunny breaks this afternoon and good enough to at least get the temperatures up and into the mid-70s for everyone. more sunshine and tomorrow, that is going to warm temperatures up a bit. tomorrow, it's very, very good and on sunday, not so much. we need some rain and that looks like on sunday, showers and thunderstorms possibly and that they will start moving on through. it's a 50/50 weekend out there and that will be good tomorrow. 75 degrees here in the city. again, we have warmed up to five and that is about the warmest. a little bit more sunshine the
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farther south you go and you found more sunshine and temperatures responded into the upper 70s and that is where we will be for tomorrow. at 7:00, some clouds and 72 degrees. very nice evening out there and don't let the clouds make you think there is going to be rain. that is not going to be the case. a few clouds around, winds this evening between 5 and 10 miles per hour and just very, very nice. today, we have had the fair weather clouds. there is cold air a loft here, the trough of low pressure and that is where the colder air has been and once we get sunshine in the morning hours, these clouds and they didn't push much farther than the city here and that is why i say the farther south you have been today, certainly to central virginia and southern virginia, it's been almost perfect out there with temperatures in the 80s and notice what is taking place back out to the west and
5:46 pm
we're beginning to see some clouds and rain and this is some of the leftover moisture and brought all the wet weather and the flooding and tornados to texas and oklahoma. that has come on up and there is not as much moisture to deal with as what has been in place for texas and that is still there. both will team up and that looks like we're going to be in for a descent chance of getting widespread showers and a few thunderstorms. not tomorrow, though and this is at five:00. there is going to be an increase in clouds and at 2:00, you will notice the high clouds thickening up and as we go through time, this is sunday morning and showers, even the possibility of a few rumbles of thunder in here and there is nothing severe.
5:47 pm
that will move through. at 1:00 on saturday, some of this is still hanging back. i'm not expecting a drier afternoon, and at least not right now and into sunday evening, perhaps just in time for the redskins and the cowboys to kick off at fed ex field at 820 tool. we should be pushing most of this on off to the east. if you're heading to fed ex on sunday night, you can be optimistic that there is a shower to start the game. we should be drying out nicely and behind this, it's going to be drier and cooler again as the nice high pressure settles in for most of next week and the way it's looking. tomorrow tomorrow -- 62 tomorrow morning, mostly sunshine. a few high clouds, 74 degrees and in the afternoon, we start getting cloudier and eventually they'll spill into our neck of the woods in d.c. and along i- 95 and tomorrow, that does look
5:48 pm
very, very nice. some rain and thunderstorms possible on sunday and with clouds there, the temperatures in the lower to mid-70s and look at monday, tuesday, wednesday, looking like a nice run of, well, more fallish weather. >> great. >> and looking at the long range, i don't really see any hurricanes coming our way. that is always good and i don't see hot stuff coming our way either and maybe -- . >> we turned the corper? >> we're turning the corner. >> all right, knock on wood, everybody. >> not quite turned around all the way yet. >> okay. >> and timing on sunday, the game, obviously. we have to be careful in. >> and as we get into the beginning and the kickoff is like 820 sooms sunday night. and we should be dry. >> okay. >> and -- >> thank you. the football tailgaters in new orleans last night took the party to a whole new level. two loyal fans said i do before the game and the groom wanted to get married with all of his tailgating friends there in
5:49 pm
attendance. his wife gloria agreed and they had a same-themed wedding with a black-and-gold wedding bouquet. >> and i love the saints and my fans and that is my -- the last eight years and -- >> we met in november of last year and he was more of a die- hard fan than i was. >> you married into it. and that was a lovely wedding gift for them. we wish them well. and something has to give and tonight's game-of-the-week matchup and hayfield and robert e. lee are 1-0 and lindsay murphy is joining us with more on this week's game. >> reporter: a little over an hour and a half, they will kick off their season. the teams, 1-0 and lee has been a thorn in the side and hafield
5:50 pm
finished 10-2, a tough season where they had to rale around their longtime head coach who suffered a stroke midway through the season and replaced by roy hill. i spoke with roy hill a few moments ago and he had nothing but and he void he would stay. ta >> now, the coach comes back as an assistant and can you talk u about how much of the part taof the team he is? >> iswell, you know, he will always wbe a part of the program, and you know, i think it's good for him and gives him excellent motivation and inspiration to fight for theon rehab and that is good for the kids to see how people don't let them keep them down. do
5:51 pm
it's a plus-plus for both sides. si >> and switching gears, the t hayfield cheerleading squad is going to get uad the evening started for us. go ahead, ladies. ie [ cheering ] more, more! 2010 reare here and we'll rock! go! >> now, laura, as cwe said, hayfield and lee kicking off at 7:30, highlights at 10. back to t you. >> we'll show you the albert hainesworth test. te i want to see a backflip. kf >> okay. [ laughter li oka] >> very impressive. si never was a cheerleader. sorry. >> and that easorris okay. ok teen pop star justin bieber almost ended up under arrest in maryland and before the show, he was reportedly throwing water balloons back stage. ro
5:52 pm
one tahit a state trooper who w on hand for crowd control. nt the trooper was roready to arre him but a body guard managed to talk him out of it and called his behavior inappropriate and a no action will be taken against him. hi and it's been one month since fantasia tried to take her takown life. she's making jokes about it? i harvey levin is live with more.m >> reporter: she was orall yuck at the airport when we got her yesterday saying the album is number one and the sued e attempt, which some say sumay have been staged, she said she's night not taking aspirin anymore but taking tylenol. she's lenomaking a joke out of and it's fueling the flames on the whole issue of was this s real or publicity thfor her or album? >> that does halbusound questia
5:53 pm
there and what is the latest with the situation? ti we know the man she was w allegedly, the married man she was allegedly dating, the wife filed all the papers in court. any urnew information about tha >> i have to tell you, i don't t want to say because i'm not convinced of the truth m nof an of ofthis in terms of where it and there is part of this wholeh thing feeling like pub listh. >> olthand do we know how her sa are doing of her new album? al >> it's number one, the most m successful she has had. s whatever happened here haworkedk in terms of just sheer money. >> let's hope it was not a no publicity stunt. tu you know what they say, any publicity anis good publicity when you're in the entertainment world tlike thath we look forward to seeing you guys here at 630 aims. a imand -- 6:30.
5:54 pm
just 30about 6 minutes. president obama goes nuhead-to- head with reporters in his h first full-blown press conference since may. pre m. >> we're not going to be divided by religion and we're not going to be divided by ethnicity. >> the message he's sending to the country on the eve of 9/11 of the anniversary and the q'uran controversy claims he was deceived and don't ask, don't tell. a judge declares a ban on gays in the military is unconstitutional. 
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>> shell ribs -- celebrities from all walks of life are joining together to take a dramatic stand against cancer. all the television networks, including fox 5, are lending their support. >> i. >> this is where the end of
5:58 pm
cancer begins. >> reporter: back for the third multiform at telecast, stand up to cancer will again raise awareness and millions using some of hollywood's biggest names to help get the message out. >> we stand up for everyone. >> we're superexcited to be here at seenet and first year we had the extraordinary collaboration, which is a big word to us and nbc, abc, cbs this year, fox came in, hbo, showtime, discovery, mtv and many, many websites streaming the show. so, we're doing something different and having a streaming preshow so people can see the stars arrive with streaming the whole show on who, yahoo!, divo, all the and so it's going to have a bigger reach, we hope. >> reporter: in the previous two broadcasts, the stars helped raise nearly $200 million for cancer research. and this year? some fox talent will be
5:59 pm
participating, including cat neily, randy jackson, bones emily dechanel and her costar david borianis, who is happy to lip his support. >> working the telephones and creating an awareness and that is what it's about. it's a crippling disease and so man people in the world die from cancer every year. >> reporter: with an array of film, tv and music getting ready to give, it will be key. >> we know people are struggling and if i say cancer doesn't care and if we don't deal with the problem now, it's going to be a bigger economic burden and that is a loss of life. >> reporter: stand up to cancer airs on fox friday night. in hall, anita vogel, fox news. the news edge


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